HIV Antibody Test

STD Testing Centers of America uses an HIV Antibody Test for the detection of the HIV virus. This test looks for the existence of the HIV virus in the bloodstream. When the blood test comes back positive, we perform another test. A Supplemental Differentiation Assay is done in order to confirm the initial diagnosis. This additional test is done without any cost. It is extremely important to be tested for HIV because one can have no symptoms whatsoever, yet have the infection and pass it along to others.

When being tested for HIV will I need to have blood drawn or leave a urine sample?

A blood sample is used for the HIV Antibody Test. There is no need to undress or have a swab taken.

What preparations do I need to make to be ready for the test?

There is no need to fast or prepare in any other way for the HIV Antibody Test.

When is the best time to get tested for HIV?

If you suspect that you may have been exposed to HIV the best time to be tested would be 1 to 3 months after being exposed. Most people start developing antibodies against the virus within about 25 days, but sometimes it can take someone as long as 3 months to start developing antibodies.

The HIV Antibody Blood Test can detect the existence of these antibodies in the bloodstream. If the test detects the antibodies then a Supplemental Differentiation Assay will be done to make sure HIV is present in the bloodstream. This additional test is at no cost to the patient.

For people who are worried about being exposed to HIV in the recent past we recommend our HIV RNA Early Detection Test which has the capability of detecting HIV in the bloodstream as soon as 9 – 11 days after possible exposure.

When I get my results back what will they say?

The results of your HIV test will say one of two things, negative or positive. When the results say negative this means that no signs of HIV were detected in the blood sample. If the results say positive, then the HIV antibodies were detected.

What is the cure or treatment for HIV?

There is no known cure for HIV, but there are many anti-retroviral drugs that have been developed to manage the infection and help those with HIV lead near normal lives. These drugs taken together as “drug cocktails” make the immune system stronger so that HIV is prevented from developing into full blown AIDS.

Who should be tested for HIV?

Men and women who have engaged in unprotected sex or uses intravenous drugs need to be tested. People can have HIV for a long period of time and never know it. Being tested is the only way to find out for sure and an HIV test should always be part of any routine STD screening ritual.

HIV Antibody Test

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