Hepatitis C Test

STD Testing Centers of America uses the FDA Approved hepatitis C Antibody test. As the test states, it searches for any antibodies that would be produced by one’s body as its natural response to the existence of the hepatitis virus in the bloodstream. When you visit our CLIA Certified testing center, one of our lab technicians will draw a small sample of blood to be tested. There is no need to undress and no swabs will be taken.

Will a blood sample or a urine sample be used for the hepatitis C test?

A small sample of blood is drawn for the Hepatitis C Antibody Test. The test will search for the presence of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus in the blood sample.

How should I prepare for the test?

This is a simple blood test so you don’t need to fast or make any other preparations in order to be tested for the hepatitis C virus.

When would be the best time to come in for a hepatitis C test?

The usual time for the body to develop antibodies to hepatitis C is 8 to 9 weeks. This is the time we would recommend you come in for your HCV test. We also recommend that you have another test 3 months after you contracted the virus to make sure that you no longer have an active HCV infection.

When I get my results what will they say?

If your results come back negative, that means that no hepatitis C antibodies were detected in your blood sample. If your results show positive then the antibodies for hepatitis C were detected in your blood sample.

Our HAV test is very accurate however 10% of positive results can actually be “false positives”. This occurs when someone has perhaps created antibodies that fought off the infection sometime in the past. If you do receive a positive result our doctors will probably recommend some follow-up testing to diagnose whether or not you do have an active infection.

What is the cure or treatment for hepatitis C?

A determination needs to be made as to whether the infection is acute (recent) or chronic (long term). This may be a case where no particular treatment is needed. Many people who have the virus have no idea they have hepatitis C because the symptoms may be very mild and they mimic the same symptoms as the flu.

If it has been determined that the hepatitis is acute it is usually managed with healthy eating, ingesting a lot of fluids and taking enough time to rest. One should see a physician who specializes in treating liver disease in order to determine that liver function has not been impaired or otherwise affected.

If hepatitis C goes undetected or goes without being treated this can lead to serious liver disease or even liver failure. It’s very important to have an accurate diagnosis of hepatitis C before it becomes chronic as the proper treatment can avoid serious liver complications.

Who should be tested for hepatitis C?

People who are at risk would be those born between 1945 and 1965, those who have had an organ transplant or even a blood transfusion before July 1992. People who use or have injection drugs, those who’ve had unprotected sex or live with someone who has the disease are at risk and should be tested for hepatitis C as a routine matter when they go for STD testing.

Hepatitis C Test

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