Hepatitis B Test

Our doctors at STD Testing Centers of America use the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test when testing patients for the hepatitis B infection. This test has been approved by the FDA for this purpose. It works by searching for antigens, or proteins which are found of the surface of the virus in people who’ve contracted hepatitis B. This test can tell the difference between someone recently infected and someone who has had the virus for a long period of time.

This particular test does not look for antibodies to the virus, but rather for the hepatitis B antigens. This is known to be the most accurate test on the market for hepatitis B.

Does this test for hepatitis B test a person’s blood or their urine?

The test we use requires a blood sample. Our lab technicians will draw just a small sample when you come in for testing.

Is there anything I need to do to be ready for the test?

A test for hepatitis B does not require any fasting or any other preparation.

When is the best time to be tested for hepatitis B?

For the most accurate test results we recommend waiting a minimum of 6 weeks after possible exposure to hepatitis B. This disease rarely shows any symptoms so it’s unlikely you will know you have it. If there are any symptoms, they begin showing up from 6 weeks to 6 months after contracting the virus. However half of all adults that have been infected do not have any discernable symptoms. The other half who does experience symptoms will be extremely tired, have lower abdomen pain, and have hardly any appetite. They may feel nauseous and even be vomiting, have painful joints, a headache, fever and even hives. You should think seriously about being tested if you have a lot of these symptoms or if you’ve had contact with someone that you know who has chronic HBV infection.

When I get my test results back, what will they say?

If your test result comes back negative this means no sign of hepatitis B was detected in your bloodstream. If your test result says positive then hepatitis B was found in your blood. We have doctors available to speak with our patience upon your request. You can ask your questions and our doctor will be there to answer them all.

What is the cure or treatment for hepatitis B?

There is no actual cure for hepatitis B. However the prognosis is good. About 90% of adults with acute (recent) HBV infection can eliminate the virus from their system without using any medication. But if you test positive for longer than six months this means you have chronic hepatitis B and need to see your local doctor. You will be examined and the status of your infection will be assessed so that you can start being treated. The progression of the virus can be slowed down which is what is needed to prevent serious damage to your liver. The majority of patients live long healthy lives while still having hepatitis B.

Who should be tested for hepatitis B?

Because hepatitis B is very contagious and can affect both men and women, anyone who is likely to come in contact with the virus should be tested. Intravenous drug users who share needles are at risk and should be tested. Someone having unprotected sex with a partner who’s infected should be tested. A hepatitis B test should be taken when anyone goes for STD screening. For people who have had unprotected sex with a partner whose STD status is not known, testing is essential for maintaining good health.

Hepatitis B Test

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