Hepatitis A Test

The Hepatitis A Antibody Test is used by our doctors in diagnosing the Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) in the bloodstream. This test is the FDA Approved test for the infection.

If the hepatitis A virus is present in the bloodstream there will be antibodies in the blood as the body’s response to the virus. These antibodies are proteins which will show up in your blood whether you have been recently infected or whether you’ve had the infection for a long time. Our Hepatitis A Antibody test will pick up the existence of these proteins if you are infected with the hepatitis A virus.

Do I need to have blood drawn or is a urine sample needed for the hepatitis A test?

This is a blood test so when you visit the test center a small amount of blood will be drawn by one of our lab technicians.

Is there anything I need to do to be ready for the test?

No preparation is needed prior to taking the test. You do not have to fast.

When is the best time to be tested for hepatitis A?

Because the Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) has an incubation period of approximately 28 days we recommend that you wait from 2 to 7 weeks after possible exposure. The HAV infection does not necessarily cause chronic liver disease but it has been fatal in rare instances (0.5%). We always advise our patience that 10% to 15% of HAV patients may see a recurrence of their symptoms within a 6 month period after they’ve been treated.

How is hepatitis A contracted?

The most common way people get HAV is by ingesting food or water that has been contaminated with feces. Another way the disease is spread is when having anal-oral sexual contact.

When I get my results what will they say?

If you have no indication of hepatitis A, your result will be negative. If you receive a positive result that means that the antibodies for hepatitis A were found in your blood.

Is there a cure or treatment for hepatitis A?

There is not a cure for hepatitis A. If your test results are positive doctors will need to monitor and keep a close eye on your liver functions to make sure you are healing. There is a vaccination that prevents people from contracting the disease and this is recommended for anyone at risk for contracting hepatitis A and for children one year of age and older. Everyone should practice clean personal hygiene as well for added protection.

Who should be tested for hepatitis A?

Anyone in the U.S. is at risk for getting hepatitis A because there are no identifiable risk factors that can be associated with this virus. There are certain groups of people who are more likely to get HAV and these would be men who have engaged in sex with other men, anyone who practices oral to anal sex as well as those who use illegal drugs and people who travel overseas and get the virus in a country where HAV is widespread.

Hepatitis A Test

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