• Tests are 100%

    Our tests are 100% confidential and are
    never reported to your insurance company.

  • Fast Results
    Same-Day Testing

    Testing takes just a few minutes, with results
    usually in 48 hours. Same-day testing is available.

  • FDA Approved
    CLIA Certified

    All of our tests are FDA approved approved
    and performed in CLIA-certified labs.

  • Over 4,000
    Testing Labs

    We have over 4,000 CLIA-certified labs in the
    country. Chances are good there's one near you.

Taking care of your health, including your sexual health, is extremely important for everyone. However sometimes this can be embarrassing and that is where we come in. STD Testing Centers of America allows you to be tested without the discomfort of making an appointment with doctor. All you do is call us at (888) 462-4STD to order your test, then stop by any one of our testing centers nationwide to be tested. No appointment is necessary and you can often be tested the same day you placed your order.

Your privacy is very important to us so the results will only be reported to you and nobody else. There is no paperwork so no reports are made to your insurance company or notes placed in your medical records. No matter what your results, we are there to support and give guidance to you throughout the process.

Do not delay - make that call today. You are in charge of your sex life and need to know your status if you’re going to help in stopping the spread of STDs.

STD Testing is Fast & Easy

STD Testing Centers of America has over 4,000 test centers nationwide. We offer our services at your convenience as all our centers are easily accessible and used by most doctors and hospitals in your area. Our centers are CLIA Certified and every STD test is FDA Approved. The process is fast and your privacy will be protected.

Do Not Delay!

Make that call today. You are in charge of your sex life and need to know your status if you’re going to help in stopping the spread of STDs.

STD Testing is Private

There will be no reports made to your insurance company and nothing will be noted on your medical records. Complete confidentiality is assured.

No Questions Asked

It only takes a few minutes to have a urine or blood sample taken. It’s quick and easy with no paperwork required and no one asking questions.

A 10-Test Panel is Available

The most comprehensive test panel available is our 10-Test Panel that tests for all the major STDs. This includes the tests for Hepatitis A which is only offered by STD Testing Centers of America.

Doctor Consult Offered Free

When your results are in you may speak with one of our staff doctors regarding your results. There are treatments we can prescribe or you may receive a recommendation for and a referral to see a specialist.

Results in a Day or Two

Your STD test results should be in within 1 – 2 days from being tested. We are here to take your call anytime you want an update.

24/7 Availability

We understand your concerns and our counselors are available around the clock to take your calls and answer any questions. Our commitment is to make sure you’re comfortable, informed and you have the best experience possible under these circumstances.